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It was heartening to see Paradise residents reach out to help fire victims in Lahania. Both Paradise and Maui had devastating fires, which led to hundreds of deaths.

The lumber in the houses were major contributors to the death toll. Most countries avoid wood framing for that reason. It’s time that Americans in each location took a good look at alternatives. Lumber is the best fuel there is, and when there are hot and wind driven fires the embers often penetrate houses. Results could be what happened in those two cities- as well as in Magalia, Concow, Lake  Almanor, Greenville, and Oroville.

Insurers are fleeing the area, and charging high premium rates. Non combustible houses tend to repel embers and hot fires. Local leaders and general contractors need to take note, and act accordingly. If another hot fire arrives, what was once a lovely part of California will be abandoned.

— Mike Roddy, Clio


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