Lick unveils ketchup-red paint in Heinz collaboration |

Color-centric home décor brand Lick has announced its newest collaboration with Heinz: a new shade of paint in the iconic tomato ketchup color.

The new limited edition shade, Red HTK 57, allows homeowners and interior designers to bring the much-loved ketchup color into home decor and interior projects for a bold and playful take on design.

Although it may sound daring, the color trend has been crafted carefully to maintain balance in the home, with a range of different ways to use the color to create a timeless feel that energizes the senses. 

Red kitchen

(Image credit: Lick)

The new hue is a deep red that has been created using Lick’s unique formula and includes black and yellow undertones that help capture the iconic ketchup color. Whether used as a primary color in the home for a statement look or as an accent color for a more reserved approach, there are many ways to adopt decorating with red in the home. 

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