Lack of rain impacting Valley landscaping businesses

With the exception of areas that got hit by Tropical Storm Harold last month, the Rio Grande Valley hasn’t seen significant rain amounts since early June.

The lack of rain is taking a toll on some landscaping companies.

“Every lawn that we had weekly, it’s 1694257826 every two weeks,” Rivera’s Lawn & Landscaping owner Raymundo Rivera said. “Some of them every three weeks because with the sun drying up the grass, if it’s cut too often it’ll hit the roots. It will really dry it up, and we don’t want that.”

Rivera says he’s seen fewer people who want landscaping done this year. So he relies on his other services, such as irrigation, so his company is able to stay afloat even during droughts.

“Mostly people want it green for the appearance, nobody wants an ugly looking lawn,” Rivera said. “No one wants to be that person in the neighborhood,” Rivera said.

With several Valley cities putting watering restrictions in place, dry brown grass could become more common. Rivera says that’s not something to worry about. 

“It’s normal, every year it’s going to dry out but toward the end of the year — when it gets more fresh — it’s going to come back to life,” Rivera said.

Landscapers recommend waiting until the sun goes down to water your grass so it won’t dry out as fast.

Watch the video above for the full story. 


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