How to make a small front yard look bigger: 10 stylish tips |

if you live in an urban or suburban area chances are your front yard will be on the small side. But don’t let lack of space cramp your style. Small front yards can be interesting and vibrant, buzzing with creative ideas that absolutely make the most out of a bijou space and set the tone for the front of your house or apartment, as well as working as an introduction to the interior of your home.

In a small front yard it’s important that everything you choose works hard to earn its place. When it comes to deciding on planting and hardscaping remember you will be seeing and using this space several times every day, so it’s key to get your choices right to ensure your front yard is functional and practical as well as looking good and fulfilling that all-important promise of stretching your space visually.

The best small front yard designs should feel welcoming too, as well as being a good fit with the local neighborhood. Show some individuality with front yard landscaping ideas by putting your own stamp on the design too. Now find out what our experts suggest for how to make a small front yard look bigger.

Living Gardens front yard with succulents and tree

This planting and hardscaping design works well to enhance a small front yard 

(Image credit: Living Gardens)

10 ideas to make a small front yard look bigger 

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How to make a small backyard look bigger: 10 clever ideas |

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