How do I make my bedroom lighting feel cozier?

Creating a cozy ambiance in the bedroom is all about the lighting. Regardless of texture and color, if your lighting isn’t quite right, you run the risk of the space feeling cold and stark – not quite the atmosphere you what you want in the bedroom, especially as we approach fall. 

At Livingetc, we are big fans of layered lighting. It’s our number one, golden rule to creating a space that feels complete, and in the bedroom, it’s super important. ‘Remember, lighting not only affects visibility, it shapes the atmosphere and mood of your space,’ says Artem Kropvinsky, interior designer of New York firm, Arsight. So how do you make your modern bedroom lighting feel cozy? We speak to the experts to find out.

1. Avoid the ‘big light’

A bedroom lit with pendants either side of the headboard

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: The 1818 Collective)

To create that coveted cozy feel in the bedroom, playing with shadow and is your best friend. Work with light and shade to create that warm, comforting feel that helps to calm. Rule number one is therefore all about keeping that big light off. Ceiling lights cast light directly downwards, brighten the whole space, and when turned on, can feel too harsh and not conducive to a relaxing bedroom.

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