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GEORGIA — Planning continued Tuesday night for the 15-lot housing development proposed for an undeveloped area off Cline Road in Georgia.

Luke Willey, Jake Smith and Aaron O’Grady of Cline Road, LLC and Ruggiano Engineering attended the Georgia Development Review Board’s Sept. 5 meeting to give an update on the development.  

Plans for the development include 14 four-bedroom single family homes along a wide, paved private road. The development will be accessible via an existing curb cut currently used for agricultural purposes. 

Following the Georgia DRB’s walk-through of the Cline Road development on Aug. 18, the board reconvened to discuss their findings, citing that though members found the trails on the property to be confusing, the pins and boundary lines were able to be found. 

While the previous plan for the development included a 20-foot-wide easement to the left of the property’s Lot 5, both the DRB and the presenters of the project agreed at the Tuesday meeting to instead create a 10-foot-wide easement to the right of the lot, for easier connection to the Falls Road Walking Trail. 

When DRB members present at the meeting had questions regarding wetlands on the property, Willey explained that delineation for the wetlands is still an ongoing process, and that delineations done for Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO) determined changes that will need to be incorporated into future plans for the development. 

The developers also confirmed that stormwater design has not yet been finalized for the development, but that it will likely not be an open water retention system, with the state of Vermont having discouraged developers from using this approach as of late. 

A neighbor of the property asked at the Tuesday meeting whether there are plans for landscaping near the development entrance. Willey said that, upon further inspection of the property’s corner pin, there will be less landscaping issues than originally anticipated. There will only be a limited amount of vegetation removed around the entrance, Willey said. 

Updates to the Cline Road development will continue as plans move forward. 

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