Anupamaa written update, September 5: Anupamaa confronts Adhik about framing Romil

After the fight, everyone exits from the hall. Adhik takes a moment to confront Romil, warning him that he narrowly avoided jail this time, but there’s no guarantee he won’t end up there soon. Romil is deeply hurt by the false accusation and feels denigrated. Pakhi also leaves the hall in distress. Romil, feeling dejected, sits on the sofa, reflecting on Ankush’s advice to accept and apologize if he made a mistake. He insists he’s innocent and never stole anything.

Anupamaa enters the hall and sees Romil sitting there all alone. Feeling bad for him, she goes and consoles Romil, offering comfort and support. She places a warm bag on his cheeks, soothing the pain from Ankush’s slap. Anupamaa tells him that she knows the truth and that he hasn’t stolen any money. Romil is surprised and asks how she knew the truth. Anupamaa explains that a mother is the ultimate lie detector and can determine the truth, big or small. She recounts her experience raising her three children, knowing who broke a glass and lied about it or who ate Sweety’s ice cream when they were young. Romil is moved by her trust in him. He never felt this much love before as no one showed trust in him.

Anupamaa is in the kitchen and recalls Adhik’s attempt to prevent her from involving the police for the sake of the family’s reputation. Adhik enters the kitchen and Anupamaa questions Adhik’s motives. She points out that he knew there was no one at home when he took the money, to which Adhik argues he was informed by Barkha. She informed him that she already knew that he was the one who tried to frame Romil for stealing money. Anupamaa counters that Barkha didn’t mention the money was found in the cabinet. She accuses Adhik of feigning to be clever and warns that his deception cannot escape a mother’s keen eye. Pakhi interjects, berating Anupamaa for meddling in her married life and defending her husband. She threatens to take drastic actions if Anupamaa doesn’t stop interfering. Anupamaa asks her to shut up but Pakhi leaves the kitchen.

Adhik and Anupamaa are left alone in the kitchen again. He expressed his concern to Anupamaa over Pakhi’s anger. Anupamaa asserts her authority as Sweety’s mother and vows to protect Pakhi from any harm. She warns Adhik that she’s fully aware of his actions and isn’t blind like Pakhi. The game has just begun, and Anupamaa is ready to turn the tables.

Meanwhile, preparations for Raksha Bandhan are underway in the Shah family. Leela urges Kinjal to wake up early, and Toshu asks whether Pakhi will be coming. Leela tells him that Pakhi will come once Leela calls her. Dimpy comes and asks if Adhik will also come as she will tie Rakhi to him. Vanraj intervenes, implying that Dimpy should have scolded Adhik for his actions. Vanraj asks Dimpy to go to the Kapadia Mention if she wants to tie Rakhi to Adhik.

Anupamaa quietly steps into the room to find Anuj, who has dozed off while sitting in a chair. She begins tidying up the scattered files on the table, and Anuj stirs awake from his impromptu nap. As they both settle in, their conversation shifts towards Romil’s predicament. Anuj contemplates the situation and proposes a potential solution, suggesting that they relocate Romil to a hostel given Pakhi’s unwillingness to heed Adhik’s actions. Anupamaa, however, unveils a startling revelation – she firmly believes in Romil’s innocence and asserts that Adhik had framed him by planting the money in his room. Anuj is left utterly astonished by this unexpected twist in the story.

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