Animal rights group No Kill Las Vegas sues Animal Foundation for abuse

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Animal Rights group No Kill Las Vegas has filed a lawsuit against The Animal Foundation for alleged contract violations concerning the shelter’s operations, the group announced Tuesday.

“That’s why our organization was started to put pressure on them to make changes. That’s what we’re after with this lawsuit, some positive changes,” said Bryce Henderson, president of No Kill Las Vegas. “They’re not going to be able to ignore us any longer because the courts will give the animals a voice, and they’re going to have to listen to it.”

The alleged violations include animal deaths at the facility due to negligence, animal suffering due to lack of medical treatment, failure to vaccinate, spay and neuter animals, refusing to accept animals from the public, and the disappearance of over 3500 animals, according to No Kill Las Vegas.

“We want them to start caring for animals better, feeding them properly, giving them proper shelter, and we’ve got numerous, numerous occurrences where they haven’t been doing this,” said Henderson.

“We know that the euthanizations continue, and we also know that if you want to surrender your dog, the soonest you can do that is January of 2024. It’s on their website,” said Las Vegas Councilmember Victora Seaman.

Attorney Jennifer Braster is representing No Kill Las Vegas in the lawsuit for alleged breach of contract, seeking court intervention to enforce compliance by The Animal Foundation with the Clark County Code.

“We have exhausted every avenue – from attempts to collaborate with the shelter, reaching out through our elected officials for change and exposing them through the media, yet they persist in their neglect and mistreatment of these animals,” said Henderson. “They may choose to ignore us, but they cannot escape the legal system. It’s through the courts that these animals will finally receive the justice they deserve.”

The Animal Foundation said it does not comment on litigation.

At a meeting back in April, Clark County commissioners expressed concerns about the Animal Foundation’s operations, following complaints from the community. At that time, Animal Foundation CEO Hilarie Grey said she was still working to fully staff the shelter.

“We are dealing with an organization that somehow does not have the operational management experience that it needs, and nothing has changed. It’s just continually gotten worse over the last two years,” said Councilmember Seaman.

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