5 things minimalists never have in their entryways

Interior designer Catherine Wilson tells us that “your entry sets the stage for what is to come: your home, your respite, your haven.” But that doesn’t mean that every design idea, ornamental piece or bright idea should be thrown at this area of the house. 

In fact, a minimalist entryway will ensure that your guests first impressions of your home of that of order and tranquillity. Here are the top five things designers never use in an entryway, and that you could get rid off if you were hoping to create a calmer, softer start to the home. 


Entryway with patterned blind and open door.

(Image credit: Laura Steffan, design by Megan Evans)

A coat stand is a classic example of something often put in an entryway which will always make a space look small and untidy. Louisiana-based designer, Megan Evans says “I believe outerwear should be placed in the closet. No one wants to be greeted by your puffy coat!”. 

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