5 “retro” trends interior designers are bringing back for 2024

If you’ve noticed a resurgence of retro of late, you’re not alone. As is often typical throughout periods of uncertainty, a widespread longing for familiarity and nostalgia is permeating all areas of culture, and interiors are no exception. Whether it’s the rich, reassuring palettes of the 70s, or a carefree hit of Y2K kitsch – think neon hues, iridescent surfaces and playful silhouettes –  interior designers and industry insiders are drawing on the past for inspiration. 

It’s safe to say that, depending on your preference, some of these recycled trends might be easier to get on board with than others: we’re all for the effortless warmth of 90s neutrals, but the jury’s still out on orange pine. That said, when implemented well, you’d be surprised how swiftly something that seemed decidedly dated can once again feel relevant. 

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