5 post-pandemic interior design trends to look our for

What changed in the interior design scene after the peak of the pandemic?

Interior design was once primarily focused on aesthetics and functionality. Now, designers are reexamining how it can respond to the challenges and newfound priorities that emerged amid the pandemic. Today, homeowners try to achieve their dream of being in a place that feels like home and could double as a workplace.

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Did design trends change? The Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) says so. Tatler lists five new movements prevailing in the interior design scene after the pandemic. 

At the height of COVID-19, people started to recognise the significance of adaptability when confronted with unforeseen circumstances such as months-long lockdowns; this is why it is not essential to have spaces that adapt and meet evolving requirements. The living area, for example, should be spacious for those who want to turn it into a gym or meeting area. 

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